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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's included in the price?


  • We will do a site inspection before the home is ordered.
  • We will assist you in getting financed.
  • Transportation and deliver of your home to your site in southern New Hampshire (mileage charge for central and norther New Hampshire).
  • Supply and install the sill plate for your foundation.
  • Provide the crane and our own set crew to set the home on your foundation.
  • Assemble the roof and complete all roof shingling.
  • Install all roof rafter collar-ties.
  • Bolt the units together and secure to the foundation sill plate.
  • Supply, cut and install the lolly columbs for the basement.
  • We will install all vinyl siding, corner posts, facia, trim, soffits, overhangs and drip edges as required to finish the exterior of the house.


We can also take care of your foundation, plumbers and electrical contractors.

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